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Scratch Repairs 
Our scratch repair service has over 20 years experience behind us, Although we cannot perform miracles we can certainly return minor scratches on your paintwork back to its original condition.
Your vehicle's paint work can become slightly scratched just by everyday parking and even driving to work these are the main causes of light scratching & swirl marks, They can also appear just by people parking next to you & brushing past your vehicle. Bushes & dirt on the side of the road are also another factor.
Your vehicle's paint work can become damaged even when cleaned by the large car wash systems at garages or by being cleaned in the manual hand car washes due to the intensity of the rollers and due to car washers using dirty sponges and brushes, which can cause swirl marks and light scratches and blemishes which will occur over time.

The way we are able to do this is by using your existing base color & clear coat and with our machines & compounds we can naturally move and fill in the minor scratches, once we have achieved filling the scratches in naturally we can then polish & seal the paintwork on the relevant panel so it is completely rejuvenated & free of scratches.

We also offer a discount rate if we restore the complete vehicle, sometimes the scratches can be too deep within the paint work for us to remove, if we are unable to remove these scratches on your vehicle we will only charge you $10.00 for each panel as opposed to the full price, A full consultation will be sought prior to any work taking place.