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Our paint work restoration service has over 15 years experience behind us, Although we cannot perform miracles we can certainly return heavily faded paintwork back to its original colour and treat light scratching.
When your vehicle's paint work has become dull, faded and lacks lustre, chances are that it has oxidized. This occurs when the top clear coat of the paint work has become damaged and weathered by UV light and salt water, These are common occurrence's with older vehicles which have not been well-maintained.
Your vehicle's paint work can become damaged when cleaned by the large car wash systems at garages or by being cleaned at the hand car washes due to the intensity of the rollers and due to using dirty sponges and brushes, which can cause swirl marks and light scratches and blemishes which will occur over time.


Detailing and Cleaning Services offer a paintwork restoration and renovation service which can cure mild paintwork problems such as the above, by remove light surface scratches, swirl marks and blemishes using a selection of abrasive compounds, wet and sand paper and T-Cut.
We would recommend after having your paint work restored you would consider having your paint work protected with our silver seal protection at a discounted rate which includes a certificate and up to 3 - 5 years guarantee.